About Us

Asclepiumm Co., Ltd. is an early stage therapeutic company based in Taiwan developing:

(1) one new mechanism peptide drug blocking angiogenesis and EMT (epithelial-mesenchymal transition) for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD),

(2) one novel antibody-peptide fusion protein drug to treat various epithelial derived cancers by inhibiting Hsp90/Survivin signaling,

moreover, (3) one biotherapeutic drug delivery platform called “Antibody Switch-on Cytotoxicity” platform which has great potential for developing peptide/protein drugs to target several intracellular signaling pathways for various unmet medical needs.

Upon entering the human body, the “Antibody Switch-on Cytotoxicity” bio-drugs will recognize the surface of the target cancer cell. Proteases in the microenvironment of the target cancer cell will switch-on the cytotoxic peptide payloads, and then the peptide payloads will penetrate the targeted cancer cells and kill them.

Animal studies have already demonstrated the efficacy of these drugs and the drugs are all open to partnership opportunities.

Currently, we are in the beginning stages of our fundraising campaign to raise about USD $15-30M to complete our wet AMD peptide drugs Phase 1/2a trial by Q2 2020, and to continue our cancer drugs pre-clinical study as well as the platform new drugs developments.