A novel ASC technical platform

ASC technical platform is an abbreviation of Antibody Switch-on Cytotoxicity. We pioneered the world’s first ASC Platform, generating ASC bio-drugs that can be compared to the Independence shuttle carrying drillers shown in the film Armageddon (1998). The shuttle was landed on the surface of the asteroid, then deployed to drill a hole and deliver a nuclear bomb deep into the asteroid to destroy the threat.

ASC bio-drugs are novel antibody-peptide fusion protein drugs generated by ASC technical platform. Upon entering the human body, the ASC bio-drug will be delivered to the surface of the target cancer cell. Proteases in the micro-environment of the target cancer cell will switch-on the penetrating peptide, which will create an opportunity for cytotoxic peptide payload to escape from endocytosis and then into the cancer cell to kill it.

Comparisons between ASC bio-drugs and ADC

Comparisons between ASC bio-drug, Probody, “Antibody Lock” and ADC (Antibody-drug conjugates). Probody™ therapeutics (CytomX Therapeutics Inc, US); “Antibody Lock” (Dr. Cheng Tien-Lu of Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan)

The unique ASC technical platform provides an effective solution to target the cytoplasm or nuclear signaling by delivering the blocking or activating peptide/protein payloads into the cells.